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My Son, My Daughter and sleepless nights

It's funny how things work out. One would think the busiest times would mean less painting, less creation. I was told, "oh you will have time for very little." However, to an artist, unrest means creation. I had my son in November 2016 and my daughter in December of 2019. For a new mother, as I'm sure many could relate, the first years are a huge shift and transition in goals and what is important. Time is fleeting and passing like a freight train. The love from the babies, their innocence, the exhaustion, late nights and early mornings awake somehow exhilarated and fueled the work In fact, it sort of became the only way through it. The days and days at home with just the children and only my own thoughts... Images have been filling my mind in my waking hours. The more emotions I feel as a mother, the more I am drawn to the paint, and the easier it flows.It helps me process my thoughts. With my son's birth I think I was still running to catch up, but with the birth of my daughter I fell into a new sort of rhythm

It started really taking hold right after my daughter's birth this year. I always always have ideas and paintings going, but this year with such an emotional upheaval was especially inspired. Perhaps it was just the love I felt for her. Perhaps I am just not holding back as much as I used to because of my own years adding up.. Some people have said to me, I just don't know what to paint, and I couldn't imagine this being a part of my reality. I usually have too many ideas to even bring to light, and I see them before I paint them. Usually, for me it is just a question of if I can render my imagination properly. If I can bridge the gap between what I see in my head and make it reality on the canvas. Sometimes are closer than others to what I want in execution. However they all represent sort of a fleeting moment.

More than anything I think of the daily practice of painting as a way to transcend the doldrums of our life. Piles of dishes, bills, texting, sweeping, laundry on and on and on. However, when we just go outside for a moment. When we just sit and breath,.... See something beautiful just for an instant.

I have been asked to start opening up my thoughts on painting by a few followers, however I have to admit, words do not always come easy to me compared to images. Here is the first try of sharing my experience and thoughts on painting..

This year;s pieces have primarily been explorations in subtle and gentle color and limited pallets. How does one take a part of their painting and bring it forward, making it bolder. If I keep most of the piece with a subtle palet and then add contrast to one flower what does that do to your focus when you see it. I have been working on allowing my style to loosen and be what it is from the beginning without trying to correct or control it. I have been practicing not overworking my images. Letting them be thick paint and texture. Letting the colors be bright and not muddied. I've also been exploring painting on wood surfaces. I have fallen in love with the texture of this and letting the wood grain show through. They have a warmth in the wood I am drawn to right now.

Please enjoy this years works, I am sure I will look back on this year as beng especially unique

  • "Tributary" 2019
  • Rattlesnake Creek Montana
  • Rattlesnake Trailhead, Montana" 2019
  • montana wildflowers
  • Rattlesnake Creek, Montana
  • Lochsa River
  • river-cobble-1.jpg
  • Rattlesnake Creek, montana
  • Movin-Down.jpg
  • Granite Gorge Grand Canyon
  • "Fireweed"  2019
  • Rattlesnake Wilderness Montana
  • "Dogwood" 2019
  • Ani Eastwood original oil
  • "Macklay Flats Looking at Snowbowl" 2019
  • Bitterroot River, Montana
  • Macklay Flats, Montana
  • Montana Artist
  • "Not Very Far Behind Us"
  • farmers-market.jpg
  • Marble Canyon Arizona
  • Grand Canyon Artist
  • montana artist
  • Elk Painting montana artist
  • Blackfoot River Montana

2019 original oil collection