Purchasing Information

Handpainted Giclee Reproductions
Handpainted sides
Plywood backed stretchers
example of back of larger canvas frame
Cape Royal Canvas Reproduction
Example of two gallery wrap acrylic embellished giclees
safe shipping
Wood Framing
 Paper Giclees
Example of 16x20 paper giclee
giclee paper prints are all embellished with acrylics to add texture and original feel.  All paper giclees are signed

Payment and Delivery Information

. I currently take orders for Greeting Cards, Fine Art Paper Giclees, Canvas Reproductions, and Commissions via email or phone. I am also currently working on a new online shopping cart. Please look in the Shop section of this website. To simplify online, I do not have my whole inventory available and still do a ton of special order pieces. If there is something you see in the portfolios you want, or you need a specific size, please email or call me. There is no additional charge for special order items. I promise your work of art will satisfy you, or it can be returned.as long as it is still in new condition and is within 2 weeks of purchase.

Special Order Delivery Times: Generally speaking, I can complete most smaller special orders in 2 weeks time. If there is some extra detail work, such as a routered wood frame, commission work, or extra texture embellishment, I am happy to talk with you about how long your specific project might take. I always put my orders first, and try to complete them as fast as I can without compromising quality.

As you browse my portfolios, try running the curser over the image. This should give you titles and costs of available pieces on most devices (seeing this info on a desktop computer is easiest). I have tried to fill in most titles etc but, like my work, my website is a growing work in progress. If there is a piece that you love I have not adequateley gotten to describing yet, please contact me directly and I will be happy to get the information to you.

Note: As a giclee printer, I edit all my own work to attempt to keep my giclees as close to the original painting as possible. However, I have no control over how different people's devices and computer monitors depict things. Colors can vary on different computer monitors. from how I want to portray them in person. Rest assured. any giclee ordered has the closest likeness to the original oil I can achieve.

Payment: If it is an online item, paypal is set up for your convenience. I also accept card payments via phone, or you can mail a check or money order to my P.O box in advance. You can call in or email your orders. I am happy to email you any quotes you need on specific sizes. I will send you an order confirmation that works as a binding contract that your special order will be completed in reasonable amount of time and that payment has been received.

Return Policies: If you are not satisfied with your special order, I am happy to reimburse you when you return your giclee. Shipping costs will not be reimbursed for special orders in either direction and all returned items have to be in original /new condition for a refund. Items must be returned in two weeks after the date the shipment was recieved.

Embellishment Details

Each Giclee has been photographed, color checked and edited to be as close to the original painting as possible. When I sit down to embellish, I sit down at your piece as if it is an original painting once again. This is not a gel coat for texture or anything of that nature. It is also not trying to "correct" the print. I feel it enhances the textures in your piece, so that it mimics the original work. It also makes every reproduction a little unique.

There are certain embellishments I have grown accustomed to on particular pieces; For example I love painting the whitecaps of the white water thick on "Upset Rapid." I also like letting the Creek escape the white borders of the page on "Camp by the Creek" and :"Spring Run-off"